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Book Review – Slowly We Die – Emelie Schepp

Slowly We Die – Emelie Schepp

Published July 23rd 2018 by HQ Fiction

Swathi’s rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: A fresh angled medical thriller set in a Scandinavian backdrop

I’ve been hearing a lot about this book, which led me request a copy. Thanks to MIRA (HarperCollins) and Harlequin Sales for the ARC.
Being a huge fan of Tess Gerritsen, I’ve been used to enjoy reading medical thrillers. This book is similar to a medical thriller, with a fresh angle to it. Mainly because it is set in a Scandinavian backdrop. The book is a sequel to Jana Berzelius series, a criminal prosecutor with a tough past that keeps haunting her.

A surgery gone wrong, boggles a patient and destroys her. But that was years ago. Until, a series of gruesome murders takes place, all the victims killed with a scalpel. Is it Revenge?

Jana Berzelius is the lead prosecutor in the investigation, but that changes until her mother gets killed. Is her death somehow connected to the horrifying series of murders? If so, why would anyone harm her mother? How was she involved?

Emelie has done a decent job keeping up with the heavy expectations of the book. This is one of the book, that can be read, even if you’ve not the other books in the sequel. In a way, it is a stand-alone novel. BUT! Here comes the drag, I am pretty disappointed with the climax of the book. Having read numerous crime thrillers, it’s really hard not to guess who the culprit is, and the author has failed to contain the imaginations of her readers to guessing the plot, pretty sooner than expected.

With that said, I rate this book with 3.5/5 making this the first scandinavian novel of my reading collection.


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