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What Did You Learn This Year?

As we are mid way through the year, I thought I should sit back and do a little recap of what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months of 2018. It has been a rough path for me, with some ups and downs (understatement). Whether it’s small or not, I’m curious to know what’s been going on, and what could be done for a better half year ahead. I also love to hear from you, how you are, and how is your life. Sometimes sharing helps.

Our wedding anniversary falls right in December, so we had a great start to the year by touring to the beaches of Andaman. Now thinking of it, I guess those 6 days have been the happiest I’ve been thoroughout the year. I’ve had a tough year at work, which made me quit. Though I don’t regret it, I do feel bad for the negative vibes the job gave me.

After that, I’ve been trying out new things. Small things, just to make me happy and secure. Because that’s what I’ve been lagging all the while, self time. I’ve been running, and working so hard that I totally forgot to look at the mirror and see how I am doing.

With some hard earned confidence and courage, I sat down and thought what I really wanted to do right now. My hobbies, my motivation and everything put together, here I am, reaching out to you! If I can do this, I’m pretty sure anyone with the right motivation can do it too. This is for YOU, self motivated, independent, beautiful spirits out there.

Play an Instrument
Instruments are hard to play, but you do not necessarily have to master the art of it, do you? Trust me, you will feel super relaxed spending a good 15 minutes of your day, trying to plan your favorite song into a horrific sound from an instrument. It will be fun, really!
P. S. I play veena. Again, I’m not a master of it, but I’m proud to say I can play at least one beautiful song to soothe the soul.

Meditate to elevate
This is for your power packed brains, that needs utmost care and rest for working so hard all the day. Now I know, meditation is a heavy thing and it’s not easy to ask. At first when I started, I’ve been wavering too. But then there are so many different apps that could help you do a little bit of meditation for the beginners. I’ve used the app Headspace and I feel it’s really good. It’s a simple app, with a lot of daily quotes that could motivate you.

Blog to express yourself
Do you find it difficult to speak out your daily feelings to anyone? Do you find it hard to connect to people? Do you miss your friend? Do you think you’ve outgrown your friend, to whom you’ve been confronting your whole life? Do you want to feel like, there’s a world full of people out there, just like you? You BLOG your feelings out. Yes, join the club.

Read and explore
I read to escape from reality. That’s what fiction does to you. They help you teleport from reality to a completely different world. This could seem like a very common habit to practice, but I’ve a lot of friends who couldn’t even try finishing a single book.
This year, I’ve a goal of reading at least 50 books. Pretty amazing huh!?

Try a new recipe
This is something productive. My cooking skills reflect the mood I’m in. When I’m sad or angry, I normally tend to forget an ingredient or two, making it taste really awful. Merrier I am, tastier I cook. It’s also a mood changer to try out a new recipe, on a lazy evening, or a cheery morning.

These include the amazing things I’ve been lately, to motivate myself and my family. What about you? Have you been trying something new ? I’d love to hear from you, and get inspired by new thoughts.

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